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Tax & Estate Planning


Inheritance Tax Planning                                                                                                                                   Rising house prices have brought many more people within the bite of inheritance tax. Transferring assets to reduce your tax liability requires care; retaining any benefit in the transferred asset cancels the tax saving. Advice is available on how to plan using the family home, especially if it is your largest asset. We will calculate your tax bill and advise on how to save tax by making a will and transferring assets to trusts.


Planning your retirement?
Retirement is about more than pensions and in many cases it is more tax-efficient to take income from investments rather than pensions, which generate taxable income and which may be passed on to children free of IHT. To provide you with the best chance of a tax-efficient retirement we we will create a flexible and tax-efficient strategy for taking retirement benefits;

If you are about to retire we can advise on the range of options available to provide retirement benefits with the greatest flexibility, including estate planning advice to reduce the effect of inheritance tax..

Succession planning?
We will show you how you can pass assets to the next generation tax-efficiently.

We have successfully advised:

  • Married Couples 
  • Single Persons 
  • Before & After Retirement 
  • Trustees 
  • Directors of Family and Private Companies 
  • Partners 
  • Sole Proprietors 



Please note, Tax Planning and Will Writing are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority

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In order to provide the best quality financial advice, we need to fully understand your financial circumstances and objectives.We therefore offer an entirely free, and without obligation Financial Review.

We will discuss your current circumstances, review your existing plans and investments and advise you of their continued suitability. We will discuss any shortfalls in your provisions, and taking into account your wants and needs,  your affordability and attitude to risk, we will come up with solutions to your needs researched from the entire market and with no product bias.